Is logo required for all companies?

Is logo required for all companies?

Well, this is what I personally feel and the answer to this question is a definite yes! While most people are under the misconception that logos are only for high-end brands, having an appealing logo is important for each and every brand that aims towards growth.

A logo works as the face of your brand, an emblem mirroring your work. An efficiently designed logo not only establishes your identity but it also reflects your personality, values, and principles. A logo can change the perception of a product.

Check out the importance by yourself – next time when you see a car, try to identify its make without looking at the logo. Not easy right? That is how important a logo is!

So what makes them so important?

According to studies, logos are visual in nature and that is the reason why they connect more easily. However, not any logo will do it. Only a well thought up logo has the ability to create and elevate your brand identity.

A plain logo without a lot of thought to it can easily destroy your brand image. When designing a brand logo, one has to be very careful. They should come up with something unique, creative and appealing, so it easily reaches to the public. The logo should be able to communicate the company’ message and talk about its products.

Logo creates an image

When talking about the corporate world, maintaining an “Image is of utmost importance. It can make or break a company. With so much importance given to it, it is important that a designer understands a business and designs the logo according to it. For instance, if designing a logo for a clothing company, then it should be colorful and peppy. At the same time, if it is a logo for a marketing company, the designer may choose something bold. Likewise, if the logo is for a bank or finance company, something that reflects dependability and solidity draws customers.

Building consumer loyalty

Lots of businesses come up with replicas of logos of established companies to market their offerings. However, loyal customers only go for only go for genuine brands. A look at the logo will help the customer in identifying if a product is genuine.

A logo helps a brand in more than one ways. Approach a professional for a tasteful design that elevates your brand image.

I hope you liked my view on this. Do reach out if you need a logo. 

Thank you for your time. Have a good one!!!!


Patric Benny


path / July 6, 2017

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